Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Volunteer Coaches Needed – Make a Difference!

Volunteer Coaches Needed – Is There a Team in Your Future?
(from the Fall Playbook)

If you’re an adult who hasn’t played an organized sport for years, even decades, you probably can still remember the names of your coaches from childhood. Now – as a volunteer youth sport coach – you can make such a lifelong impression on young team members. The lessons learned from a good coach – teamwork, sportsmanship, work ethic, communication skills, respect for others– transcend sports. Why not attend a coaching clinic and sign up to coach in the coming season?

Rewarding and Fulfilling
While coaching is not an easy task, it can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Frank Lesesne, a city resident and longtime youth soccer coach, enjoys the aspects of coaching “beyond the soccer.” “It’s amazing how quickly kids can learn,” says Frank, who coaches on some of the same fields he grew up playing on. Lacrosse coach Don Rigger says, “Through coaching, I have become acquainted with families I would never have known otherwise. My life has been enriched in ways I could never have imagined. Kids I coached several years ago are now in high school and a few have gone off to college. Invariably when I bump into them around town, they greet me with a smile and are quick to fill me in with the latest adventures in their lives.”
Soccer coach Rob Pope says, “Coaching is great because you meet all the great kids who play the sport and watch them develop. Also, you get the great Decatur coaching shirt.”

Success Depends on Volunteers
Decatur Active Living offers a wide variety of youth athletics: baseball, basketball, cheerleading, lacrosse, soccer, softball, and swimming. Additional sports such as cross country, track and field, and volleyball are coming soon. The continued success of these programs depends on our youth coaches and the time and effort they volunteer.

In addition to coaching, volunteers are needed to assist in a variety of other ways. For example, Robin Hentz, “team mom” for the Decatur Gators Swim Team, says, “We asked each parent to volunteer for one or two meets, but most worked all five meets, and we even had more
volunteers than needed.”

Volunteer to coach youth sports and you’ll enjoy a truly rewarding experience. We need you to help us continue our success! If you would like to be a volunteer soccer coach, and/or coach another youth sport, or assist as a volunteer in other ways, contact Stacy Green, 678-553-6549, stacy.green@ decaturga.com.

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