Monday, December 29, 2008

Good Parks = Good Health has a great post up now:
Evidence and a Framework for Health-Promoting Parks".

It includes a great Trust for Public Land report:
"The Health Benefits of Parks"

It also links to a American Journal of Preventive Medicine report:
"The Significance of Parks to Physical Activity and Public Health"

And here's another article on a report by three universities:
"Neighborhood greenness has long-term positive impact on kids’ health"

"Previous work, including our own, has provided snapshots in time and shown that for children in densely populated cities, the greener the neighborhood, the lower the risk of obesity," said Gilbert C. Liu, M.D., senior author of the new study..."Our new study of over 3,800 inner city children revealed that living in areas with green space has a long-term positive impact on children's weight, and thus, their health."

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