Monday, December 1, 2008

Men's Health Fit Schools

Men's Health Magazine does a nice job promoting health & fitness to adult males. It's nice to see them start a campaign targeted to "fit schools":

They have a "fit schools" blog that hasn't updated in a while, but the blog does have a good "Related Links" section on the right side:

Here's more info.:

Fighting Obesity One School at a Time
The Men's Health FitSchools Foundation aims to reform physical education, end childhood obesity, and save a generation. More than 9 million children in the United States are overweight, yet gym classes are fading. Less than one in 10 schools meets federal exercise requirements.

Our Mission
The Men's Health FitSchools Initiative helps fight childhood obesity by improving physical education. With support from fit-minded companies and leading youth fitness experts, Men's Health provides the resources and information necessary to ensure students a healthy, active life.

5 Principles of MH FitSchools
-Help schools build a safe, inclusive, and accepting environment for physical activity.
-Make fitness a fun and engaging experience that kids will look forward to.
-Introduce kids to a variety of activities, so every child has the opportunity to enjoy exercise.
-Give kids the knowledge to improve every minute outside school, and throughout the rest of their lives.
-Inspire schools and communities to take control of their health, and work together to find solutions that will help at-risk children.

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