Friday, March 6, 2009

Walking Tours Around the City of Decatur

Walking Tours Around the City of Decatur!

Decatur has produced six walking tours for people interested in walking and seeing the sights of our City. The routes and key points of interest are presented in free brochures, available at the
Decatur Recreation Center, the Downtown Development Authority office, and local shops such as One Step at a Time in Oakhurst. You may also click on the links listed below to view them online and print them out.

The self-guided tours are designed to promote walking as a safe, convenient exercise and to familiarize participants with local restaurants and shops as well as municipal and historical points of interest. They vary in length and level of intensity: Level 1: "Stretch Your Legs"; Level 2: "Quicken Your Pulse"; and Level 3: "Challenge Yourself."

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