Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Glenlake Park Is Open and Experience the Green Space

Decatur residents enjoying the Glenlake Park! Glenlake Park had a soft opening Memorial Day Weekend and many residents are in the park experiencing the trails, playground and the new play spaces. The dog park is highly used and (Riley pictured) was seen in the dog park on Wednesday afternoon. Final touches are being completed and Decatur Active Living invites you to visit Glenlake and all the parks in our great community.

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Anonymous said...

The new park layout is great, but there is a large reduction in parking, it seems! The small # of spaces are now being used by those visiting the park, the pool and the tennis courts! Is the plan to leave the on-street parking on Church St. available as overflow? On a sunny day, the pool visitors alone could easily fill up the parking, leaving none for any other visitors who cannot reach the park on foot. Thx